Seedlings for Sale!

Have you tried your green thumb out lately? It’s time to get your garden going!

While some things are best direct-seeded (peas, beans etc), it is best to start most things as seedlings to give them a better chance to grow and prosper. And we know just the place to get your seedlings this year – at our upcoming summer farmers’ markets (Portsmouth Opening Day is Saturday, May 6th). Here are the vendors that will be selling seedlings at the next few markets. You can expect a shifting variety of seedlings as the weeks go on, the weather gets warmer, and the planting schedule changes.



Market vendors selling seedlings:

Hollister Family Farm   – Also visit their farm on May 14th for a big seedling sale! Pre-orders welcomed and recommended. 

Heron Pond Farm 

Shagbark Farm

Two Toad Farm

Riverside Farm

Why buy seedlings and grow your own food, you may ask. According to the USDA, every $1 that is spent on seeds or seedlings yields $25 worth of food. That can save you a lot of money! And if you are a SNAP/ EBT recipient you can double those savings by utilizing Granite State Market Match (GSMM). GSMM is a NH SNAP incentive program that can be utilized at farms and farmers’ markets. Many SNAP/EBT recipients don’t know that their benefits can be used to purchase seeds or seedlings, and with GSMM, SNAP customers can also save 50% off seeds and seedlings! This means that SNAP recipients using GSMM, can turn every $1 spent on seeds and seedlings into $50 of food! Time to get planting!