SAMM: Seacoast Area Mobile Market

SAMMsmall Seacoast Eat Local is proud to announce its new landmark program, SAMM, to launch in Summer 2016. SAMM, Seacoast Area Mobile Market, will be the first mobile market program of its kind in New Hampshire, and will be the newest program in a larger Mobile Market consortium that spans New England and is generously funded by the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation’s Healthy Food Fund.

The goal of SAMM will be to provide access to local foods in communities within our service region that may lack farmers’ markets of their own, have high concentrations of low-income or at-risk residents, are designated as being at higher risk for food insecurity, or have a reportedly high number of residents with lack of access to consistent means of transportation. In addition to these community stops, SAMM will also service a small number of employers in our region as an employee benefit.

Aligning with our goal to provide greater access to local foods in all of our Seacoast communities, SAMM is also aimed at spreading and increasing the number of sustainable agricultural businesses in these areas. By sourcing product as locally to market stops as possible, we hope to incentivize and support small scale agricultural businesses in their growth.

snapacceptedIn similar fashion to Seacoast Eat Local’s SNAP program at farmers’ markets, SAMM will accept EBT/SNAP benefits for purchases and will also run incentive programs that are aimed at helping low-income individuals stretch their dollars at markets and purchase more fresh, local and healthy food. SAMM will accept SNAP tokens as well as Granite State Market Match fruit and vegetable coupons that SNAP customers may receive at traditional markets. Rather than receiving matching coupons for purchases, SAMM customers will receive an automatic dollar-for-dollar match to use towards their purchases of fruits and vegetables.

SAMM is made possible by generous gifts from the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation’s Healthy Food Fund, as well as by a grant from the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation’s Thomas W. Haas Fund. We are grateful and humbled for the confidence that our funding partners place in our work and mission and look forward to launching our landmark program with their support.

To follow SAMM and get updates on our stops and other information, follow us on instagram @SAMMVAN and view our page, “Shop with SAMM.” If you are interested in supporting our program through volunteering, please contact Celeste Gingras, SAMM Coordinator, at Financial contributions are also greatly appreciated and help to further our important mission. Donations made be made securely online at this link. If you are interested in having a stop in your area or in contracting with SAMM on behalf of your business, please contact Jillian Hall, Seacoast Eat Local Director of Programs, at

To learn more about Harvard Pilgrim’s Healthy Food Fund, visit their website. More information about the initiatives of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation may be found through this link.


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