Food Policy Update: SNAP Emergency Allotments Have Ended

There are important changes happening this month for those receiving SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits.

Since the pandemic began, EAs, or emergency allotments, have been available for individuals receiving these benefits. These emergency allotments increased the benefit amount for participants by quite a lot (benefit amounts vary due to many reasons including household size, income, etc.). These EAs were tied to the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE) Declaration, however due to legislation passed in December 2022, the SNAP and Medicaid changes relative to the pandemic have been decoupled from the PHE and are ending.

The last emergency allotment to be loaded onto EBT cards occurred on February 5th, and on average individuals will see about $108 less and families will see around $206 less in the month of March. This will greatly impact the grocery budget of our state’s low income population and has been referred to the “Hunger Cliff” by many. 

As a reminder, SNAP benefits are doubled at many local Farmers’ Markets through Granite State Market Match, so shopping locally is a way to stretch your dollar. In addition, many local grocers offer Double Up Food Bucks (NH) and Maine Harvest Buckets (ME) which also provide shopping incentives.

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To see if you are eligible for SNAP benefits, visit here.

To learn more about the SNAP EAs ending in New Hampshire see the most recent press release from DHHS.