Eat Fresher Fish, Support Seacoast Fishermen — Join NH Community Seafood


From NH Community Seafood:

Greetings Fresh and Local Fish Lovers! We are excited to announce that our third and final CSF session this year will start next week (Oct 13) and run through the first week of December (Dec 5). IF you sign up before this Monday, you will still be able to enroll for the full third season. If you miss Monday’s deadline, don’t worry because we will still offer pro-rated enrollment for the first two weeks.

This season will bring to an end a very exciting and positive second year of operations. We’ve seen membership more than double; we now have 15 drop off locations throughout the state, and we’ve enrolled 10 high end restaurants in our RSF program. This is all thanks to you, and thanks to your interest and support in our unique organization.

We continue to face very difficult fisheries management challenges, which continue to threaten the existence of small scale fishing and “day boat” fishing practices that yield the unique “day boat” fish that we all love so much. New Hampshire has one of the last remaining day boat fisheries in New England, and we think our best chance of survival is to get our fish to you and entice you through your taste buds to be a champion for fresh and local seafood.

This season, we expect the return of Yellow Tail Flounder along with White hake, Atlantic Pollock, Gulf of Maine cod, Acadian redfish, Dayboat Cape Shark, Monkfish Tail, and the possibility of local Steelhead Trout (pending supply).

        Also browse through the Harbour House Crabs homepage to order fresh seadfood with same day delivery.

So join us, sign up online at: