The time to think about Thanksgiving turkeys is here!
Pre-order your local turkey from a local farm for an amazingly flavorful and sustainably raised holiday feast.


Brasen Hill Farm, Barrington, NH

We have Thanksgiving turkeys available in November of each year.  We raise Nicolas Whites, which are a white heritage breed. All of our turkeys are raised on pasture, so that they can spend their days pecking at bugs and grass.  To supplement their pasture-based diet, we also feed them GMO-free grain. Their weights vary between 18-22 pounds and run $4.95/lb. Turkeys are available to reserve starting September, 2022.

Charmingfare Farm, Candia, NH

Charmingfare Farm’s turkeys are raised the old fashion way outdoors.  Farm turkeys are very efficient converters of taking pastures and converting those grasses into meat.  Turkeys can get up to 50% of their diet from being out on pasture eating fresh grass and bugs. In addition to having an amazing salad bar we provide free choice wholesome grain to complete the diet. Turkeys purchased at a supermarket store are most likely injected with vegetable oil, water, salt, emulsifiers, sodium phosphate, and artificial flavorings. We guarantee our pasture raised farm turkeys have not been injected or basted with anything what so ever. Whole Turkey, weights between 15–28lbs at $6.75/lb.

Clyde Farm, Farmington, NH

We raise a small number of Certified Organic Broad Breasted White Turkeys for Thanksgiving.  We raise them in an almost identical fashion to our broiler chickens. The one significant difference is that after several weeks in the fully enclosed tractors they are then moved to open, mobile coops that are surrounded by electric fencing: truly free range while the electric fencing protects them from ground predators. Turkeys are $6.50/lb and are only available whole.

Coombs Farm, Kingston, NH

Free-range in open pastures. No antibiotics, no drugs. GMO-Free.

Diamond B Farm, New Durham, NH

Our turkeys are raised out in our nice green pastures where they can run around and eat bugs to their hearts content. Our turkeys are $4.50/lb, with the average turkey being about 18lbs packaged.  ​

Dumont Farm, Loudon, NH

Calling is the best way to reach this local farmer (603)-318-9337) but more info can also be found on their website. Poultry is sold on a first come first serve basis and only held with a deposit. Call to reserve yours!

East Wind Farm, Strafford, NH

Email [email protected] or call (603)269-6203.

Harris Turkey Farm, Newfield, NH

We raise a limited number of turkeys for Thanksgiving/Christmas. We start taking orders and deposits on June 1 annually. A $25.00 deposit is required within 30 days of the order or the order is cancelled.  We often sell out very quickly and recommend you mark your calendar for June 1. The 2022 price is $5.99/lb.

Hurd Farm, Hampton, NH

Reserve Your Fresh Thanksgiving Turkey! Our turkeys are free-range, pasture raised as well, spending their days gobbling, pecking for bugs and enjoying a dust bath.

Kellie Brook Farm, Greenland, NH

Our turkeys are so large you may need to invite the extended family. And maybe even the second cousins. Packed with flavor, our turkeys maintain peak juiciness even after a Thanksgiving bake. Once you try our locally raised turkey, Thanksgiving will never be the same.

Old Orchard Farm, Madbury, NH

Pasture raised turkeys are the world standard for healthy and tasty poultry. By allowing our turkeys to range free on our abundant fields and pastures, we afford them a natural and stress-free life. We raise our birds with the utmost care, feeding them grain, free of antibiotics. When old enough to tolerate temperature changes, they are moved outdoors with continual access to lush pasture with plenty to forage, fresh air and water. In the evening they roost in a specially designed area to protect them from predators. Our turkeys are professionally processed and packaged and are available fresh, not frozen, for Thanksgiving.

Sturgeon Creek Farm, Eliot, ME

Broad Breasted White turkeys and heritage turkeys (Bourbon Red and Blue Slate) both available. They all free range in a very large fenced in run and live happily with our breeding turkeys and our laying hens. The Broad Breasted White turkeys will average between 15 and 25 pounds and the heritage birds will be smaller at 10 to 14 pounds.

Trippy Acres Farm

In the same way our chickens roam free, so do our turkeys. We raise heritage breed and broad breasted turkeys. Heritage breed turkeys are a good in-between taste from wild turkey and your factory farm turkeys. They have a deeper and richer flavor without the toughness of a wild bird. Your traditional broad breasted turkey is the best option for you if you are looking for a larger bird to feed your extended family and still have leftovers! These beauties are only offered during the holiday seasons and GO FAST. To reserve your holiday turkey, email us to add your name to our list. First come, first serve based on availability. 


This information is subject to change. Please visit the farms website or call for the most up-to-date information. 

Maine Meat also has local turkeys available for Thanksgiving.  Call 207-703-0219 to reserve yours. 

Updated 10/5/2022

Farmers, email [email protected] to have your turkey availability listed here.