Jessica’s Post: Introducing Myself to Seacoast Eat Local!


My name is Jessica, a new intern for Seacoast Eat Local. I currently am studying at the University of New Hampshire and majoring in Nutrition and Dietetics with a dual-major in EcoGastronomy, a UNH specific major that covers topics from the food system to agriculture to different food customs around the world. I am very passionate about what I am learning about and plan on completing an accredited internship after I graduate to go on to become a registered dietitian. It’s a long road, but one I look forward to completing in order to achieve my dream job. I have spent the last couple years working in a nursing home and am passionate about food and nutrition related to health conditions and diseases. I hope to work clinically after I graduate and complete my internship in order to land a job in a hospital setting.


I heard about Seacoast Eat Local in my EcoGastronomy class last year and was extremely interested in the work they do to help provide nutritious foods and proper nutrition education to people in the Seacoast community. I also am an advocate for supporting your local community and believe in their mission to encourage people to eat more locally. Applying to the internship, I was eager to gain experience with SNAP and learn more about how they service the community. I believe this is an important organization and hope to learn much through this experience.


I will be working in Dover at the Dover Farmers Market. I come from Biddeford, Maine and had my first job on a farm starting at age 15. I highly appreciate the work farmers do and the delicious vegetables and fruits that they produce. I would consider farmers markets my happy place as I often visit them at home during the summer and off season months with my mother around southern Maine. My favorite thing to grab at the markets are fresh, cage-free eggs and tomatoes of any size, shape and color. There is nothing better to top a sandwich off with than a thick slice of a farm-fresh tomato and the little cherry ones I swear are so sweet they could pass as candy. I am very excited for this opportunity to learn about and work with SNAP and Seacoast Eat Local further. Come find me at your local Dover Farmers Market!

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