Lilah’s Post: Throwback Brewery’s Beer and Food!

At the final Winter Farmers’ Market, I got a chance to speak with two farmers at Throwback Brewery, along with trying some new items they will be selling at the upcoming markets. Trying to find local foods can be difficult, especially during the gap between markets or if you want to go out to eat while still eating locally sourced foods. Well look no further, Throwback Brewery has you covered!

Throwback Brewery is located in North Hampton, NH. It is a farm to table restaurant using all local foods, along with as many locally sourced ingredients for their beer as possible. They have been open for three years, but have been brewing for seven years. Another impressive fact about Throwback Brewery is that they have an all-lady farm team!! Their farm is located right next to the restaurant, and they use what they grow for the restaurant and for beer, everything else is locally sourced.

Starting at the spring market on May 3rd at Swasey Parkway in Exeter they will be selling their beer mustard and blueberry apple butter, along with beer as always. I got a chance to sample the beer mustard and blueberry apple butter, and they were both delicious! The mustard had a spicy aftertaste from the beer, and the apple butter was like a sweet jam. These items are also both made in-house at Throwback Brewery. I cannot wait to purchase them at future markets! They will be selling a variety of growlers and cans of beer at the markets as well. You

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