James’ Post: Enna’s Chocolates

Usually, my posts are centered around fruits and vegetables. So I figured I would shake it up this week and enjoy some delicious chocolate! I’d like to introduce you to one of my newest favorite chocolate brands, Enna Chocolate.

                Enna chocolates are completely vegan chocolates, covering the aspect of dairy-free and egg-free, but the cane sugar used is also organic and not processed with bone char. Cocoa beans are inherently organic (no pesticides are used) because of the specific growing conditions required.

                Enna receives her chocolates in a fermented, dried form. The cocoa beans are harvested ethically from multiple countries including Vietnam, Honduras, and Peru. The “cocoa belt” is considered 20 degrees north or south of the equator, and this is the only area where cacao can truly grow without artificial conditions. From the cocoa beans come cacao seeds, which are roasted to remove the hull. Honduras, one of the sources of her cocoa beans, is actually the largest biodiverse region in the world, outside of the Amazon Rainforest.

                There are countless varieties of cacao, similar to grapes in wine. The growing conditions of these beans are what can affect flavor, resulting in aromas of pine, fig, cinnamon, and more!

                Enna had four flavors of chocolates on display when I visited her table, and of course I sampled them all. The first was Swedish Easter Witch. This is a specialty white chocolate bar created with wild Maine blueberries, cardamom, and pistachios. Aside from the smooth cocoa butter white chocolate flavor, there was a distinct fruity aroma and flavor to this bar which I

loved.  Next up was Marãńon, a bar from Peru. This was a 72% dark chocolate with deliciously bitter flavors ranging from black walnut to lemon, a perfect choice for someone who is sensitive to overly sweet foods. Another delicious bar I tried was Ben Tre, from Vietnam. This was a 72% dark chocolate with bright fresh fig flavors, and a delicate balance of rich brownie batter as well. My overall favorite, however, was La Mosquitia, from Honduras. This bar was the darkest, at 75%, with a delicious espresso aroma mixed with light almond floral notes.

                Enna’s chocolates storefront can be found at 131 Main St, Epping NH 03042. The hours are posted on her website, along with some more information on her products. Enna also offers a year-long chocolate subscription where you get sent 3 bars each month!

                Visit https://www.ennachocolate.com/ for more information on Enna’s chocolates.

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