Emily’s Post: On a Mission to Find Gluten Free Treats!

Having Celiac Disease, I am not able to consume gluten or I get really sick.  So, whenever I go anywhere food related, I am always on the hunt for a gluten free treat.  When I was at the farmer’s market a couple weeks ago, I circled around with my eyes peeled for something that was gluten free.  Obviously, I could have been happily filled up if I had bought some of the numerous fruits and vegetables available at our farmer’s markets because they are naturally gluten free.  There was also plenty of fresh meats available that I could have gotten to make for dinner.

What I was really craving, however, was a gluten free treat.  I saw a lot of gluten filled pastries at many of the stands that looked delicious, but I couldn’t eat any of them.  So I have decided to make it my mission to scour the next farmer’s market this Saturday to find everything gluten free.  I will report back here in a week with all of my findings so that everyone who is gluten free has an easy gluten free farmer’s market guide!

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