Emily’s Post: Gluten Free Goodies at the Farmers’ Market

As promised in last week’s blog post, I went on a little mission at the farmer’s market in Exeter this past weekend in search for some gluten free treats.  I know that I can eat all of the fresh meat, fruits, and vegetables that I want but sometimes I want a treat.  That’s not always easy when you are gluten free.  So, for my fellow gluten free folks out there I now have a guide for what is gluten free at our farmer’s markets!

I started off at 45 Market Street Bakery and Café where I first saw a table full of baked goods, which normally means gluten is everywhere.  As I was looking at the selection, the magical “GF” abbreviation for gluten free caught my eye.  There were gluten free brownies available amongst the rest of the glutinous baked goods.  So if you’re a brownie person then this is the place for you!  Next on my gluten free tour I came across the Fig Tree Kitchen which also had a lot of baked goods.  I asked if there was anything gluten free available, and I was directed to a few different options of cookies and pastries, all of which looked delicious.  This stand even had wheat free crust mini-pies.  There are also other gluten free treats hiding within our farmer’s markets including fresh goat’s milk yogurt, maple candy, and chocolates.  I’m starting to feel really spoiled with everything available to me at these markets!

If anyone at the market finds themselves wanting more of a meal rather than a treat, they could head over to Karimah’s Kitchen to grab a gluten free falafel and hummus.  To go with the fresh hummus, you could then head over to the Bread Peddler to pick a fresh loaf of gluten free bread, which I have done already because fresh gluten free bread is such a rare treat for me.  And if after all of that you’re still hungry, you can head on over to Valicenti Organics to pick up from fresh gluten free ravioli!

There are so many delicious options for gluten free guests at our farmers markets.  If you are really sensitive, however, make sure you are asking each farm about any chance of cross contamination just to make sure you stay healthy.  Being gluten free myself, I look forward to every farmer’s market so I can pick out a treat.  This past weekend I ended up getting a gluten free brownie, and I cannot wait until the next market to try another fresh, yummy, gluten free treat.

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