Veronique’s Post: Introducing Myself to the SEL Community


Editor’s Note: We are thrilled to help introduce Veronique, one of the three UNH interns we will be hosting this semester. Over the past several years, we have come to appreciate the help, enthusiasm and critical thinking which interns bring to our work and we hope that we are a place of community, support and learning for students of all ages and interests. Seacoast Eat Local strives to be a place where we can all learn and grow, in regards to local food and life. If you are visiting us at a winter farmers’ market, please take a moment to introduce yourself to one of our interns and share your local food story with them!

Introductions are always a little bit awkward, so I hope it won’t be too painful for the both of us. I’d first like to say how excited I am to be joining the Seacoast Eat Local team as an intern. I was born in Quebec, Canada, but raised in Danbury, CT my entire life, so please don’t ask if I speak French, unless you want to hear some awful form of Frenglish. I am currently a student at the University of New Hampshire studying both Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Resource Economics. I’ve had some of my own personal experience as a farm hand at Ryders Farm Organic in NY, where I spent the summer working on growing and selling organic food.

I am extremely interested in food systems and learning about local sustainable agriculture. This passion for food stems from a lifelong journey of learning to cook and experiencing the different cultures associated with food. At a young age, my mother stuck me to her hip, teaching me our families traditional recipes, and never allowed me to deny a new dish or food because I’ve simply never experienced it. This uninhibited love for new tastes and food has led me to want to learn more about our food systems, and spread the joy I get from agriculture and food. I am already excited to meet some quality farmers and vendors, eat some quality food, and I am immensely thankful for the opportunity to do so.

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