Brooke’s Post: Vegetarian Chili for Chilly Days

fullsizerender-12The first snowfall just hit and I automatically started to crave some warm chili. The typical recipe that you probably think of calls for ground turkey, chicken or ground beef, but in my case I use a plethora of beans and vegetables. Most meat-eaters are probably thinking that’s not chili, you need meat in your chili. Trust me when I say this vegetarian chili can beat all. The great thing about homemade chili is that you can add or leave out anything you please. I usually never measure out my ingredients, I chop and add as much as I plan to eat, therefore just buy all your ingredients and add as you please. I have always made my chili in a simple stainless steal pot on the stove, but I know a lot prefer a crock pot. Either way they both work great. So here it is my favorite chili recipe filled with all my favorite beans, veggies, spices and grains.
My personal favorite ingredients
·      Chopped carrots
·      Chopped red, yellow and orange peppers
·       Chopped tomatoes (one of my favorite foods are tomatoes so I always add extra)
·      Chopped red onion
·      Chopped celery
·      1 can of kidney beans
·      1 can of white beans
·      ½ cup of cooked quinoa
·      1 can of garden salsa
·      Sauteed spinach
·      Cumin and Paprika
The ingredients above are my personal favorites and all together make a delicious chili. I recommend adding or taking out ingredients to suit your personal preferences. Don’t be shy when it comes to trying new veggies, grain, spices and legumes. Vegetarian chili is a great way to get in all your veggies, grains and legumes for the day. One bowl of this chili is very nutrient-dense, taking care of a good chunk of your needed vitamins and minerals for the day. Lastly, adding sliced avocado and cilantro to top the chili off makes the perfect cold winter night dinner.

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