Brooke’s Post: You Are What You Eat

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Your body is your home, your sanctuary, your responsibility. You only get one body, in which that body takes care of you every single day, you owe it to treat it with the proper respect. Your body heals every cut you get, kills every bacteria you encounter, mends your broken limbs and even when you do wrong to your body it will still work as hard as it can to cope and heal the damage you’ve done.

Food is your body’s fuel. Every piece of food you put in your body affects it, either negatively or positively. That being said, eating fruits, vegetables and whole grains are going to benefit your body more so than refined grains, sweets, energy drinks, etc. Waking up, feeling refreshed and energized is the outcome of a healthy well balanced diet, along with proper sleep and exercise. Your body is made to function on nutrient dense foods, not manufactured and artificial foods. Eating greasy, fried, sugary foods lead to your brain and body to shut down and become fatigued. Chugging down a sugary drink to gain your energy back spikes your blood glucose level  and eventually you crash.
Supplying your body with healthy food throughout the day allows for sustainable energy.  By doing so you allow your body to function properly and overall feel good. You may think that your body functions just fine when eating a “not so healthy” diet but it’s hurting inside and can catch up to you. The human body currently can function short term on artificial foods because we have forced it to alter that way. Being aware of what you put in your body will benefit not only your energy but your health all around. The sooner you start taking care of your body the sooner your health will improve. Indulging in your favorite snacks or sweets here and there is absolutely fine, you should treat yourself, just keep the treats as treats and not a staple of your diet. Fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, grass fed meat, pasture raised eggs, are the proper fuel to maintaining a healthy human body. You really are what you eat, your body is going to react and change depending on the type of food you consume. So why not properly fuel your body, and not with sweet treats that make your taste buds happy but treats that make your body happy.

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