Brooke’s Post: Soup for Chilly Nights

squashsoupArriving to the final farmers’ market last Thursday, I wanted to make sure I made my rounds to stock up on all the goods.  All season I had been eating fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables and preparing dishes I had never made before. Ever since I started interning at Seacoast Eat local and working at the weekly farmers markets I have been motivated to try new recipes, recipes that I have learned from farmers, market customers or even co-workers of mine. The last farmers’ market in Exeter was rainy and cold and leaving at 6:30 at night all I wanted was homemade hot soup. I was speaking with one of my co-workers as we were cleaning up when she told me to go home and make some homemade soup. I looked at her in confusion thinking I will probably just stop at the store and pick up some pre-made soup. She told me if I already had butternut squash, pumpkin puree and apples, that I could make a delicious soup that was simple and quick. Lucky for me I was at a farmers’ market and had all those ingredients at my finger tips. What more could a college student want than a homemade meal, that’s inexpensive and simple to prepare. I became instantly intrigued. For the next couple minutes she and I discussed how to prepare the soup and make it delicious.
So I am now sharing my knowledge with you, on how to make this delicious, homemade, simple soup for when you need a little warmth in your body on those chilly fall nights.
1.     Place Pumpkin puree and cubed roasted butternut squash into a blender
2.      Blend until smooth. I threw in the entire cubes of squash including the skin, to add some extra flavor.
3.     Add a little bit of vegetable broth, salt, pepper, butter (optional) and pour mixture into a pot.
4.     Heat soup on stove for about 10 minutes on medium.
5.     Dice an apple (I used Red Delicious) and add it into your pot. The apple gives great flavor and a tad of sweetness.
6.     Bring soup to a simmer and stir the soup periodically until the apples are soft.
7.     Taste Test your soup to make sure it is just perfect and enjoy!

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