Amber’s Post: A Pizza for Vegetable Lovers

pizzaFor the past few weeks Julia, my fellow vegetable enthusiast and friend, and I have been practicing our pizza making skills! We’ll set aside time to cook together because we’ve become obsessed with how quick, easy, satisfying, and delicious a cheese-less pizza can be.

Because we both don’t eat dairy our toppings consist mostly of vegetables.  This week we used a white onion, broccoli, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts, which are all in season and can be purchased at a local farmers market!

To start we sautéed the vegetables in a fry pan with some coconut oil (any cooking oil will suffice). Spreading out our store bought dough (from the Portland Pie Company) we then layered it with some oil and garlic, and placed it in the oven for about 5 minutes.

We let the dough cook a tad before taking it out and smearing some tomato sauce on top. Then we evenly distributed the vegetables and about ¾ cup of pinto beans. After plopping the pan back in the oven, the pizza takes about 10-12 minutes before it can be enjoyed!

A quick note: This pizza has about 13 grams of protein per serving! The daily recommendation is about 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight. I often get asked how vegetarians or vegans include protein in their diet. Chalk full of plant based proteins, this pizza illustrates how both Julia and I incorporate essential nutrients into our daily meals in a tasty way!


Here is a quick equation to calculate how many grams you need each day!

Example using 145 pounds:

145 (weight in pounds)/ 2.2 (conversion for kilograms) = 65.91

65.91 kg x 0.8 grams = 52.73 grams of protein/day


On average, men need about 56 grams per day and women need about 46 grams per day!

For more information about protein, check out this link!

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