Kathleen’s Post: “Food” vs. Food

farmers-market-19From chemical fertilizers and pesticides to the fuel being used to transport “food” cross-country, our country is using an outrageous amount of fossil fuels and is emitting a shameful amount of greenhouse gases. Not only does this type of “food” increase pollution, it has also played a large part in why our healthcare costs have increased. A significant amount of this country’s healthcare costs go towards treating chronic illnesses directly linked to diet. The majority of food consumed and bought by Americans is contributing to the growing $1.5 trillion industry that slaughters, processes, and packages for the sake of making a dollar instead of providing something truly nutritious. By contributing to the food movement, even by a small amount, you are helping build your community and reconnecting yourself back to nature through nourishing your body and your land. Now more than ever we see a shift in consumers thought processes as more people are concerned about where their food is coming from.

Big Food companies, like Tyson and supermarkets, sure make it seem like there is a never-ending supply of chicken nuggets, but in reality, Mother Nature has her limits, too. As someone who has been a vegetarian/vegan on and off all of my life, I have really gained quite a bit of insight of how much meat our country consumes. I encourage you to not be afraid to skip out on having meat with every meal. By this I also do not mean skip out on protein- but instead let vegetables and whole grains shine more. And when you do incorporate meat into your meals, educate yourself on celebrating the animal and utilizing all of its components. Don’t be afraid to try things outside of the usual flank steak, pork chop or chicken wings either. I would never describe rabbit or goat as gamey and neither should you! Rabbit is a flavorful, tender dark meat that is rich in nutrients and so is goat. The best part? They are not nearly as expensive and incredibly more sustainable to raise compared to beef and equally delicious! Where can you find these delectable meat varieties on the Seacoast? Rabbit can be bought at Song Away Farm in Loudon, NH and goat can be purchased over in Epping, NH at Riverslea Farm. For more sourced of alternative meats on the Seacoast, search our online directory, Seacoast Harvest. If you are interested in knowing more about the fishing industry or what fish are available year-round compared to seasonally, check out the New England Fish Mongers at http://www.newenglandfishmongers.com or our friends over at New Hampshire Community Seafood.

Get to know your homeland through what naturally grows here. Talk to farmers at your local market about CSAs and what to do with produce you may have never even heard of before. Ask questions. Get involved. Learn how and what and where and why. Appreciate your home area in a way you may never have before. Source intelligently and feel good.

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