Brooke’s Post: Got Zoodles? Low Carb Substitutes For All Your Favorite Dishes

This past weekend I attended my first Farmers Market in Exeter. As soon as I arrived to the market I started walking around fullsizerender-3talking to some of the farmers and getting familiar with the different stands. I would be lying if I told you my mouth wasn’t watering a little bit while the aromas of fresh pesto, summer squash, maple ice cream, and ripe tomatoes captivated me. Earlier in the day I had a sudden craving for pasta so I knew while making my rounds to keep an eye out for some fresh zucchini and spaghetti squash.

If you asked me the last time I had pasta, I don’t think I could tell you.  But if you ask me the last time I had zoodles, I’d tell you last night, and the night before. For those who are unaware, zoodles are noodles made from shredded zucchini. In order to shred the zucchini you will need to pick up a Veggetti Spiral for $10.00 at your local Bed Bath and Beyond or Natural Foods Market. When I am craving pasta I’ll whip out my Veggetti and spiral some zucchini or prepare some spaghetti squash.

To prepare your spaghetti squash you can slice one squash in half, season with olive oil and pepper on both sides; bake it at 450 degrees for about 35 minutes. Take a fork to it and scrape out the spaghetti. I will spoon some marinara or pesto sauce right on top and cook it in the microwave or sauté it on the stovetop.  Personally I think this recipe tastes better than regular pasta since it has much more flavor.

If pasta isn’t the only carb you crave, don’t worry there are other substitutes. Some other great low carb substitutes are:

  • Lettuce stalks in place of taco shells, making a tasty low calorie taco for your Mexican dinner. When replacing my taco shell I never feel as bad eating that extra taco I’m craving.
  • Replacing your hamburger bun for a Portobello mushroom slice or slice of bread for a slice of eggplant are great ways to fit in that serving of veggies. Baking slices of mushrooms or eggplant will help make them firm enough to support your food.
  • For those French fries enthusiast, like me, start making some sliced carrot, avocado, turnip or squash fries. I myself love French fries and every once in a while I need to indulge but to get my weekly fix I will slice up one of the veggies I mentioned and roll it in olive oil and parmesan cheese then bake it until roasted golden brown.
  • For all my pancake lovers out there I have the perfect alternative recipe for you. One banana and 2 eggs mixed in a bowl, creates a delicious protein pancake batter. Sometimes I will add chocolate protein powder or PB2 Power (Peanut butter powder). It tastes just like a fluffy banana pancake.
  •  If you’re someone who lives on mac n cheese, try cauliflower cheese. Cut up small pieces of cauliflower and pour on your favorite cheese sauce.  Put your dish into a baking pan; bake until you see golden brown cauliflower and oozing cheese.

All of these recipes are easy and healthy. Substituting your carb loaded favorite foods for low carb vegetables will save you calories and add nutrients to your meals, and you wont feel guilty about having seconds at every meal.


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