Brooke’s Post: Blueberry Hill, Alternatives for Life


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While I was taking my usual stroll down the farmer’s market, admiring the sweet corn, ripe plum tomatoes, and aromatic blooming flowers, I was keeping an eye out for a sweet little snack, since my stomach had been rumbling all afternoon. As I sauntered down the way, a tent to the left of me caught my eye. Funny enough it wasn’t food but still caught my eye. I knew this table would not satisfy my hunger but I quickly became intrigued by the unique table with no food.

The table was covered with tiny glass bottles, attached were names of different herbs. I wondered to myself what these bottles were. A lovely, sweet woman walked over to the table as I was reading the labels on the bottles. She stands behind the table and asks, “Are you looking for anything in particular?” I respond by explaining that I wasn’t even sure what these bottles were. She responds by telling me that she is an herbalist, meaning she believes in the aid of human health and body by medicinal herbs. All of the bottles were remedies and medicines made from plants. There was everything from liver support, to headache relief to heart healthy herbal remedies. I noticed that the labels on the bottles described the herbs but not the purpose of them. I asked the woman why that was and she explained to me that since she is not licensed to prescribe “medicine” she could neither guarantee its effects nor write the remedy on the bottle.

Herbalists can only tell you how they think the herbs will benefit you. I began to pick at her mind, interested in every bottle and what benefits it contained. My curiosity sparked when she began to explain the natural ways to prevent and cure health issues simply with plants. I felt as if I could connect greatly with this practice since I am an advocate for nutritional prevention to lessen the need for medicine and drugs.   As the woman was talking I was entranced by her words. I had heard of herbalists before, but I never had taken the time to look more into it and learn about the practice.

The woman started to tell me about her farm and where she lives. She explained how when she moved into her house, it came to her surprise that her house was sitting on a wild blueberry, and raspberry field. This led her to name her company Blueberry Hill: Alternatives for Life.  As I thanked her for sharing her story and practice with me I realized we never introduced ourselves to one another. I extended my hand and told her my name was Brooke, she responds by exchanging her name, “Bonnie Gunther” she said. I smiled and told her that it was a pleasure meeting her, and thanking her for deepening my knowledge on herbalists and the use of plants for medicinal purposes. As I was walking away from the table, I couldn’t help but imagine, if everyone who is taking medications or some sort of drug for a health reason, resorted to nutrition and herbs. Don’t get me wrong I definitely take my dose of Nyquil when my yearly cold comes around but imagine if we all decided to skip the drugs and treat our bodies in a more natural, homeopathic way, just how much better our bodies would feel.

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