Kathleen’s Post: Maine Lobster Boys

small lobsterWhen it comes to seeking out different sources of protein yet trying to avoid poultry, beef and pork, it proves to sometimes be challenging when shopping at the farmer’s market. During Seacoast Eat Local’s Winter Market we welcomed the Maine Lobster Boys and their fresh selection of various seafood to our vendor team. As someone who occasionally enjoys the health benefits of seafood, I always try to shop as local as possible. The Maine Lobster Boyshave really help make this happen this year for our Winter Market shoppers!

Eager to learn a little more about what they are all about? Here is my interview with Maine Lobster Boys Captain and owner, Tucker Jordan!

Me: How did the business of Maine Lobster Boys start?

Jordan: “I have been lobster-ing since I was in diapers, but on my own at the age of 13, my dad drove me to the beach and put me in an 18-foot skiff and a 10 horse outboard and pushed me away from land. I had 10 traps to haul by hand that summer and was up to 50 by the end. It was all uphill from there…. I went away to junior hockey in CT in 1999 and started selling lobster to players and coaches, parents and friends. Then in 2003 I went on to play college hockey in Rochester, NY and that’s where Maine Lobster Boys was born in my dorm room!!! I made plans to one day buy my uncle’s boat he built in 2001 to provide lobster tours. I would travel home from college and come back with over 200 lobsters every trip and selling them all. I needed a name that was location sensitive with what I was selling and sounded friendly. MAINE LOBSTER BOYS was born….”

Me: What sustainable/environmental friendly practices are used?

Jordan: “We take great pride in notching* our female lobsters that come up with eggs. We take extra care of the smaller lobsters as they are our future. I always try to help all the younger lobster-boys and lobster-girls with understanding how important the simple little things are that I learned from my grandfather. We have biodegradable escape vents on our traps to allow lobsters to crawl out if we were to lose that trap. “

Me: How do you choose what seafood to harvest and how is it harvested?

Jordan: We take all the lobsters we catch and grade them so only the highest quality goes to the public and others are processed for picked meat. I will acquire haddock or scallops unless it is cut not more than two days prior to my market. We also take great pride in telling our customers, ‘buy our product with the confidence that if you decide not to eat it that night, its going to be ok’ ”

Me: what are some aspects of this company that would appeal to local food lovers?

Jordan: “We are a family owned and operated business and we are 16 generations of lobstermen and lobsterwomen and farmers!”

Me: Does this stand accept EBT tokens?

Jordan: “Yes!!!”

Me: Will the Maine Lobster Boys be at the summer markets?

Jordan: “We are not sure how that works but are looking into it!!”

Me: How can the general public learn more about your work?

Jordan: “By calling my cell number which is on our card and LETS GO BUGGIN!!!”

A huge thank you to the work the Maine Lobster Boys do in protecting the local lobster community and bringing fresh, delicious seafood into our homes! Thank you!

*I later learned that notching a lobster, female lobsters with eggs in particular, is a form of identifying what lobsters to keep from being harvested. A small V-shaped notch is made in their tail which tells other fishermen that this lobster is being protected from harvest.

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