Charlotte’s Post: 5 Savvy Spending Tips for the Market


Today I am giving some tips on how to not spend your whole weekly budget at the market. Pricing of products are very reasonable at the markets, especially for the quality of food that you are getting. However, you’ll most likely want everything at the markets… so here are five tips to help you plan accordingly.

1. Make a list:

Just as you would going to the grocery store, make a list of the items you want to purchase but make sure to leave a few extra bucks for that one specialty item that you didn’t plan for. Remember that most vendors are at every Seacoast Eat Local Market so you always purchase from them the next market!

2. Budget yourself:

Try setting a budget for yourself at the market and sticking to it. Bring just enough cash or buy just enough coins to meet your budget. You might be amazed at how much you can get for your money at the markets.

3. Get to know your farmers:

Get to know the farmers/businesses at the markets. Some vendors have money saving deals. For example Coppal House Farm gives you a deal when you need a refill on sunflower oil. (Note, though: Haggling is NOT allowed at Market)

4. More bang for your buck(s):

Spending more money upfront can sometimes be an effective way to saving more money in the end. Look at quantity vs. pricing of items. For example it might be worth spending a little more upfront on a large jar of honey instead of buying a small jar of honey.

5. Plan Ahead:

As most of you know we have a coin system at the market that functions like an “ATM” machine; this is a very efficient system for customers who forget to bring cash to the markets. There is a small service charge for the machines, $1 for debit and $3 for credit. Therefore planning ahead and bringing enough cash to the markets can save you a few bucks (especially if you’re like me and run out of cash having to use the machine more than once).

Use these tips for the next market!

Be Well,


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