Charlotte’s Post: Adventures in Iceland!

iceland 4This week is my spring break and I am fortunate enough to be in Iceland with two of my best friends. We bought our tickets this fall when we could no longer handle the mid-semester stress of school and a great deal presented itself. We started our adventure this Saturday in Reykjavik where we spent the day exploring the colorful city. These past few days we have been exploring the countryside where we have been in absolute awe over the dramatic and stunning landscape of Iceland. We have explored hot springs, waterfalls and glaciers. Yesterday we stayed in Vik, a small town located on the southeastern side of Iceland and tonight we will spend a night in a cottage on a sheep farm just outside of a small town north of Vik called Hofn. Our last night will be spent back in Reykjavik where we will finally go to a blue lagoon!

I will admit we did not come to Iceland for its food. I have heard that Icelandic specialties range iceland 1from raw shark to dried fish snacks and sheep head, so far we have avoided these foods and have been pleasantly surprised. Our best meals have revolved around fresh Icelandic seafood. We were served an amazing roman noodle dish with a salmon filet in Reykjavik and yesterday we stopped at a food truck en route to a waterfall called Skogafoss and had a delicious, fresh fish and chips meal. Today in Hofn we splurged on lobster, trying a lobster bisque, pizza and salad. The lobster was not as meaty as New England lobster but was still very good. Food is very expensive in Iceland, especially when eating out, so for that reason we choose to eat in most days.

When in Reykjavik I asked our waiter some questions on Iceland’s food system. He told us that Icelanders diet consist mostly of fresh seafood, vegetables and lamb mostly from their own lands. After driving around for a few days it made more sense as to how Icelanders are able to grow their own vegetables. The weather is so dramatic and unpredictable here that a majority of fruits and vegetables are grown in greenhouses. Many big greenhouses can be seen when driving around. Our trip has been incredible and very affordable. I would suggest renting your own car and venturing beyond the city of Reykjavik, driving on the main roads is fairly simple and there is so much to see. I would highly recommend Iceland.

Be Well,iceland 2


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