Meet the SEL Interns: Kathleen

Hello Everyone!

KathleenMy name is Kathleen and I have been a Seacoast Eat Local (SEL) member since fall of 2015 and I am more than excited to continue my work with SEL into 2016. I fell in love with local harvest when I was young and helping my mom with our vegetable garden. When I was about 15 I started working on farms and at a seasonal restaurant that served food with mainly local ingredients. I remember once a costumer telling me, “These egg yolks are too orange. They can’t possibly be real.” But they were absolutely real because hours before service I was the one collecting them from the owner’s chicken coop. I loved the fact I could say that along with saying I personally know the women who harvested the salad greens and the man who raised the beef for the burgers. I loved the community of local food and its movement, I loved watching people’s faces beam when they tastedfresh food and I especially loved the way I felt when I consumed fresh foods.

That same love led me to where I am currently; a senior at the University of New Hampshire majoring in Nutrition and Wellness with a Women’s Studies minor. Since my first restaurant job, I have worked at a few of Portsmouth’s restaurant which has led me to bartending and waitressing at The Black Trumpet Bistro where we provide local and sustainable food and drinks thanks to the ever talented and giving Evan and Denise Mallett. While many of my passions are embedded in the restaurant industry, for me, it really comes down to working with people and educating people on health, providing fresh and local foods, and promoting such a valuable cause. I am beyond proud and excited to be working with SEL and reaching out to so many people and sharing the benefits of local, wholesome foods. My internship means so much more than compiling a food pantry database and ways to build a mobile market. Working with SEL is a gateway to building my career and networking with so many appreciated people and getting the wordout about local, healthy foods!

I look forward to my time here with SEL and if you spot me at a market or come into The Black Trumpet don’t hesitate to say ‘hello’ because in all likelihood I’d love to say ‘hello’, too!


Kathleen Fitzgerald

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