For the Love of Brussels Sprouts

By Brianna Bowlan, Seacoast Eat Local intern

Now I know many people do not like Brussels sprouts; in fact, I used to cringe at the mere mention of them. I did not start liking them until I came to UNH because of the way the dining halls prepared them (by roasting them). I am glad I began to like them because they have so many health benefits. They are full of Vitamin C, K, and A. They contain fiber, antioxidants, and essential minerals. They are low in calories, fat, and sugar, so they make a perfect snack or side dish!

You can buy them off the stalk at a local farmer’s market, which keeps them fresh for longer, or you can buy them loose at the grocery store. You can roast them with nuts, or sauté them with onions. They can be added to pasta dishes or to a salad. Brussels sprouts are very versatile because they are a blank slate that you can add your own flavors too.

For more recipes and instructions on how to cook them you can visit Seacoast Eat Local’s Brussels sprouts Pinterest board

Brusselscooked sprouts


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Brussels on stalk

Cooked Brussels

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