Pick-your-own raspberries

By Caitlin Porter, Seacoast Eat Local Intern

As strawberry season rolls out, and raspberry season rolls in, here are a few things to remember as you’re picking raspberries:

  • Do not pull on the bushes, ripe berries will come off easily

  • Raspberries are easily damaged and should be handled gently

  • Refrigerate as quickly as possible to keep them fresh

  • Raspberries are fully red when ripe

  • Make sure to use shallow containers and not pile too many into a container, the raspberries on the bottom can easily become squished

  • Sometimes raspberry plants can have small stickers, pick with care!


Seacoast Harvest

Find area farms with PYO raspberries at Seacoast Harvest (there are 15 in our area to choose from!) and check out last week’s article on how to preserve your berries once you bring them home.



Raspberries are also a highly nutritious fruit, some of their qualities include:

  • Very high in fiber (for GI health and feeling full)

  • Great source of vitamin C (supports a healthy immune system)

  • Contain specific compounds that have been proven to fight cancer and heart disease

  • High in antioxidants (also cancer fighting)


Raspberries, photo by Caitlin Porter






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