What’s In Season (and what to do with it!)

By Caitlin Porter, Seacoast Eat Local Intern

The farmer’s market carries produce that can differ from what we’re used to seeing in the grocery store. Certain vegetables such as bok choy and salad turnips can seem unusual and difficult to prepare. However, several farmers from the Dover Farmer’s Market (Wednesdays 2:15-6 pm) gave their tips on what these vegetables are and how to use them.

photo by Caitlin Porter

Bok Choy

Bok Choy is probably best known for its place in Chinese stir-fries. However, it can be grilled or finely chopped into a salad. Mary Beth from Two Toad Farm, whose bok choy is featured here, gave me a great recipe for an Asian-inspired salad that involves:

  • Finely chopping: bok choy, carrots, and radishes
  • Adding a tablespoon or two of sesame seeds
  • Finishing with a light sesame dressing


dandelion greens, photo by Caitlin Porter

Dandelion greens

Dandelion Greens, featured here from Wake Robin Farm, are a leafy green that are packed with vitamin A. They can be eaten raw, but have quite a bit of bitter kick to them. They are usually preferred by most people to be eaten cooked, either caramelized on their own or put into a quiche. Here is a quiche recipe featuring dandelion greens.

Swiss chard, photo by Caitlin Porter

Swiss Chard

Swiss chard, featured here from McKenzie’s Farm, is a leafy green that is very similar to spinach. It is very versatile and one of the most nutrient-packed foods available, since it is full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It can be eaten raw, but again has a very bitter kick to it. It is good chopped with garlic and soy sauce. It can also be enjoyed in smoothies as well as scrambled eggs.

Here is a recipe for a Pineapple Swiss Chard Smoothie

salad turnips, photo by Caitlin Porter

Salad Turnips

Salad turnips are a vegetable that is usually found next to the radishes since they are similar in appearance. These, featured here from White Cedar Farm, can be eaten raw in a salad or sautéed to bring out their sweetness (similarly to carrots). Their greens can also be eaten in salad or sautéed.

Here is a very simple recipe for Salad Turnips sautéed in butter




Dandelion greens

Swiss chard

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