Winter Planting For the Spring, February 21

600_433993005.jpegWinter Planting For the Spring
North Shore Permaculture Group
Venue: Amesbury, MA
Date: Saturday, February 21, 2015
Time: 10am – 1pm
Fee: Sliding scale of $5 to $10

What is Winter Sowing? The idea behind winter sowing is that you sow the seeds outdoors in miniature greenhouses during the winter, allowing them to germinate naturally during the spring. If you live in a northern climate and have snow, this method works even better because the melt adds all the moisture your seeds need. An added bonus to winter sowing over traditional methods: No period of hardening off plants! This is perfect for us here in New England!

You will need to bring some supplies:
• Containers: Gallon milk jugs, large water bottles (both with caps)
• Seeds: Heirloom, non-gmo (we can do a seed swap)
• Seed Soil
• Duct tape
• Sharp Box-cutter

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