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Brookford Farm is seeking a Wholesale/Retail Associate. For further information and to apply, contact

Wholesale/Retail Associate

Brookford Farm is seeking a full time Regional Sales Associate who has a passion for local, sustainably raised food, and the sales skills needed to grow sales in New Hampshire and southern New England. The position will be responsible for growing and retaining existing wholesale and retail accounts and expanding the farm’s regional sales territory.

Founded in 2007, Brookford Farm is in persistent pursuit of a high quality, diversified product line to match its grass based diversified organic farm.

Product Line

  • Dairy-yogurt, kefir, buttermilk, milk, butter, quark
  • Cheese–Raw Cheddar, Raw Blue, Camembert, Brie, Feta
  • Meats–Grass Fed Beef and Veal, Pasture Raised Pork and Chicken
  • Flour–Bread and Pastry Flour (farm grown wheat)
  • Vegetable–Year round supply, seasonal variations

Sales Associate Responsibilities:

  • Work with sales team to initiate and build relationships with retailers, food service, and distributors resulting in long term accounts with steadily increasing sales volume.
  • Secure weekly sales orders from accounts, cultivate order growth per account
  • Identify and attend public and trade events appropriate to our brand to sample, sell and promote products.


  • Have at least two years prior sales experience, preferably in southern New England and New Hampshire.
  • Be self-motivated, highly organized and outgoing with strong customer service background.
  • Be dynamic with customers, excellent communication skills.
  • Be located in New Hampshire, preferably central.
  • Have a valid drivers license, reliable transportation and availability to travel out of state.
  • Significant amount of regional travel.
  • Have a passion for grass based farming and for strengthening regional food systems.

Base salary + commission. Send resume to

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