Fun with the Food Revolution

JeanIt’s a fun time to look back on all the photos of 2014 and the years prior and see all the great things that are happening and growing on the Seacoast and in the world beyond. Yes, there’s a lot of scariness out there. But there’s also huge hope. Seriously. Just eight years ago we didn’t have a dozen winter markets to buy locally grown from year round, we didn’t have a way to help our low-income neighbors connect directly with farmers to get the most nutritious food, we didn’t have the embarrassing abundance of choices of sustainable meats.

It’s only getting better, and we are ready to level up if you are.

Make a tax-deductible donation to Seacoast Eat Local and you are a part of this fun food revolution. Whether your motivation for donating is the environment, social justice, or just personally driven by how much you like shopping at our Winter Markets or using Seacoast Harvest, your donation will be put to work creating an even better food future for everyone.


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