Chicken Harvesting & Processing, October 19

Chicken Harvesting & Processing
Greater Seacoast Permaculture Group
Barrington, NH
Sunday, October 19, 2014
1 – 5pm
$20–30 sliding scale ($10 deposit per person)

In this workshop, we will cover the basic considerations behind culling poultry (particularly chickens and ducks) including timing, selection, preparation, equipment, killing, butchering, preservation, clean-up, and cooking. Some anatomy and the most common age-related health issues for poultry will be covered. You’ll have the opportunity to observe and participate in this process from beginning to end, with the goal of preparing all participants to bring a good death to their birds at an appropriate time. We will conclude the workshop with a potluck meal, including a chance to sample some of our freshly cooked chicken. We’ll also have some discussion of the ethics and realities of being omnivores!

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