Field Trip: MEat

MEat opened on Friday, so as soon as we could  on Saturday (after a stop at the Portsmouth Farmers’ Market for strawberries and broccoli and escarole and garlic scapes) we headed over to buy some meat.

It’s a beautiful space in the Wallingsford Square building in Kittery, Maine, also home to Anju, Lil’s, RiverRun North, and Folk.

My own photos didn’t do the meat case justice, so I’m borrowing one from MEat themselves:



We love it when businesses who buy local name farm names.



We also love it when you can buy other local foods in the same place! In addition to kimchi and radishes, there were local eggs, milk, lettuce, beans, potatoes, and lots more great locally made products, too.




It was hard to decide on just a few things to try. We bought boneless chicken breasts because that’s not really a common local food and it’s pretty fun to see that. We also bought their house made and smoked kielbasa, smoked turkey (sliced for sandwiches! Also super fun!), and Sujuk (Turkish) sausages. We ended up eating a bit of these last three things in one day, because the first thing we tried was so great. Can’t recommend that kielbasa enough, unless the supply is limited, in which case, I’ll arm wrestle you for it.

MEat is open Tuesday through Friday 10 to 7, Saturday 9 to 7, Sunday 10 to 4 (closed Mondays)

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