Market Meals: Quick & Easy Quiche

quicheI love crafting meals for a potluck or dinner with friends using foods from the winter market. It’s even more fun when I can make a dish with only local ingredients. I challenge myself several times a week to eat a meal with only ingredients from the market. Luckily the amazing vendors continue to bring an assortment of local produce, oils, herbs and more to make preparing something easy and delicious.

Quiche is one of my favorite dishes because you can use just about anything you want, it keeps for many days and makes a great meal any time of day. To keep it really local, I even made crust from scratch with flour from Brookford Farm and oil from Coppal House Farm! See the recipe below and come to the Winter Farmers’ Market to pick up some ingredients for your own Market Meal!

Market Quiche – Serves 8 (or 1 for several days) 😉

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F
3-4 medium sized onions or shallots or both!
2-3 small garlic cloves
8-12 oz fresh spinach
~1/4cup sun dried tomatoes, sliced
5 medium sized duck eggs
1 cup goat milk
3/4 cup grated feta cheese
dash sea salt

Chop onions, garlic, & shallots and toss into medium heat sauce pan with oil or butter. Be sure to keep the heat a little lower for butter so you don’t burn it. Sweat the onion mix and brown lightly before adding rinsed and chopped spinach. Lower the heat and cover to steam for 5 minutes. Lightly toss mixture over low heat and add sliced sun dried tomatoes. Remove from heat and let cool down. In another bowl mix up 4-5 medium sized duck eggs with 1 cup water and a dash of salt. Grate about ½ – ¾ cup of feta cheese and turn it into the vegetable mix. (Save a bit of the grated cheese to put on top of the quiche before baking) This mixture is spread out into the prepared raw crust (see below). Then pour the egg & milk into the quiche dish till just full. Top with remaining grated cheese and bake at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes or until a knife comes out clean from the center. Let cool and enjoy!quichemix

1 cup pastry flour
pinch of sea salt
1/4c canola oil
1/4c cold water

Mix wet ingredients well first then mix with dry ingredients to form a consistent dough ball. Form dough to 9” pie pan, pressing to about ¼” thickness.

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