Film & Food Night: Permaculture Soils, March 9


Film & Food Night: Permaculture Soils
Greater Seacoast Permaculture Group
The Waysmeet Center, 15 Mill Rd, Durham, NH
Sunday, March 9, 2014
5 – 8 pm

Our Film & Food nights are a chance for us to come together for both learning and getting to know each other better. We ask that you come with an open mind and heart to new information and new friends. We will start with the film (feel free to come early to get settled), then have a potluck & discussion. Please bring your “potluck kit” — dish, bowl, cup, silverware, napkin — as well as your potluck contribution. We will be able to plug in crockpots, heat some items up, make hot water for tea.

“The Permaculture Way: Soils” (97 mins, 2010)
Geoff Lawton will take you into the living life of the soil. From compost, soil mulches, kitchen gardens and food forests, Geoff’s practical hands on approach will teach you how to build life into your topsoil and increase the vitality of the food you grow and eat. For trailer >

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