Meet the CSA Farmers: Two Toad Farm

Two Toad Farm CSA

It’s CSA Sign Up Season, and farms all over the greater seacoast have lots of different choices to offer you in Community Supported Agriculture Shares.

(Not sure what CSA is all about? Start here.)

Our second CSA Day at the Market is coming up on February 22nd at Wentworth Greenhouses, where over a dozen CSA farmers will be available to talk to you about their options. In anticipation, we asked the participating CSA farms to answer 4 questions. Up next, Two Toad Farm from Lebanon, Maine.

4 Questions (+ their answers) for Two Toad Farm:

1.  What is the best thing about your CSA?

The diversity of our products.  We grow over 200 varieties of veggies and herbs.  We also offer early sign-up discounts, pay in full discounts, and returning member discounts!

2.  What new, exciting, or interesting thing are you offering in your CSA shares this year?

We are once again offering a Seedling CSA where the garden planning is done for you. We are expanding into a new location!  Two Toad Farm has been searching for a permanent home, and this year we will begin farming at historic Red Wing Farm in Lebanon, Maine.  This is a dream come true for us and for our community.

3.  Why is CSA important?

Everyone knows that joining a CSA is great for the shareholders, and it’s great for the CSA farm.  What many folks don’t realize, is that the CSA members make local food and local jobs viable, and available to the greater community.  Without the CSA, we would not have the operating budget to farm.  By joining a CSA, you are doing your part to make local produce available to your community.  A CSA member not only gets great value for their up-front payment for food, it allows a farmer to provide healthy, local options to to the community, and allows a farmer to offer good, honest work to the members of the community.

4.  Why do you farm?

At Two Toad Farm, we farm to bring food to the people.

Meet the Two Toad Farmers as well as a dozen more CSA farmers at CSA Day at the Market, February 22nd at Wentworth Greenhouses in Rollinsford, 10am to 2pm.

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