CSA Day at the Market February 8th

CSA members get the first of everything.

Mildred's Drumlin Farm strawberries
Mildred’s Drumlin Farm strawberries

The first peas, the first tomatoes, the first strawberries. Whatever the farm grows, the CSA members are the ones who the farmer carefully sets aside the best and most beautiful for. When it’s a lean year for cauliflower, and there’s hardly a head at the farmers markets, you can be sure that what was harvested went first to CSA members. 

[New to this whole thing and wondering what CSA stands for and what it’s all about? Start here.]

There’s lots of reasons to join a CSA, from supporting the farm financially at the time of year they need it most to making sure you and your family eat a diverse diet of fresh, nutritious vegetables. But also, you get to be the first. Call it a side benefit.

While our amazing farmers market happens inside the cafeteria of the Exeter High School on Saturday February 8th, these twelve CSA farms will set up tables just to be available to talk to you about their individual CSA options. There’s a lot of options.

February 8th CSA Day Participating Farms

stoutoaktomatoes (1)
Stout Oak Farm tomatoes

Applecrest Farm Orchards

Brandmoore Farm

stoutoaktomatoesstoutoaktomatoesBrookford Farm

Heron Pond Farm

Meadow’s Mirth

Mildred’s Drumlin Farm

Orange Circle Farm

Red Manse Farm

Saddleback Mountain Farm

Stout Oak Farm

Wild Miller Gardens

Willow Pond Community Farm


We’ll host another CSA Day at the Market on February 22nd in Rollinsford.

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