Meet the new winter market vendors: 5 questions for Son-Mat Foods

Son-Mat kimchiThis Saturday, Jan 25th, we’re welcoming Son-Mat Foods to our
Winter Market in Rollinsford.

There’s no doubt the Seacoast local food scene needs more Korean food, and thank goodness Son-Mat is here to make that happen, using locally sourced ingredients for some very cool fermented foods.

If you haven’t tried kimchi, it’s time. Fermented foods are great for health, and this is just amazing stuff. In Son-Mat’s words, “sour. spicy. stinky. delicious.” You’ll probably eat plenty straight from the jar, and you’ll probably want to make something traditional, too, but here’s some ideas to amp up the fun.

As a fun getting to know you activity, we asked Julian and Gary 5 questions.
Here are their answers.

5 questions for Son-Mat Foods:

1. Son-Mat Foods is (fill in the blank)  damn good kimchi.2. Why kimchi? Because what was available just wasn’t satisfying our palettes. We were compelled to raise the standard.3. What’s the best day like? Simple and clean.4. What’s your secret? The hands and mind of a Korean.5. The question we should have asked is: What are you up to next?

Meet Julian and Gary, the guys behind Son-Mat Foods, this Saturday, 1/25/14 from 10am to 2pm at Wentworth Greenhouses.

son-mat foods jjigae


{Way more Son-Mat fun to be had}

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