2014 Cheshire County Conservation Plant Sale


The 2014 Cheshire County Conservation Plant Sale  is now accepting orders — support conservation efforts while enhancing wildlife habitat and edible landscaping in your own backyard!

2014 Cheshire County Conservation Plant Sale

Many of the species we offer are native. For this reason they are healthy, hardy plants adapted to our local growing conditions. Once established they require less watering, fertilizers, and pesticide. Plants are selected for environmental benefits such as, reforestation, wind protection, shade, bank stabilization, and wildlife food and cover. This year we are working with Fedco to bring you top quality plants and Wichland Woods to bring you mushrooms for your backyard.

We are offering a variety of top quality:
– evergreen and deciduous trees
– mushrooms
– fruiting trees and shrubs
– wildlife and landscaping shrubs
– tender summer bulbs
– perennials
– medicinals

Click Here for Plant Sale Descriptions & Order Form!

Click Here for our 2014 Newsletter on Planting & Workshops!

Please submit orders by March 12th to 11 Industrial Park Dr, Walpole, NH 03608, or fax to 603-756-2978 or email to sharlene@cheshireconservation.org. All of the proceeds from the sale will benefit conservation efforts in Cheshire County. Thus, in addition to improving your landscape you are helping fund conservation projects in your local community.


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