Wolf Meadow Farm Tour — Local Cheese from Local Milk, December 3


The Greater Newburyport Edible Garden Group is hosting a visit to Wolf Meadow Farm in Amesbury on Tuesday, December 3rd —  learn more about one of our new vendors and the hand-crafted Italian cheeses they’re now bringing to our Winter Farmers’ Market:

A Visit to Wolf Meadow Farm — Local Cheese from Local Milk
Greater Newburyport Edible Garden Group, Northshore Permaculture Meetup Group
Wolf Meadow Farm, 91 High St, Amesbury, MA
Tuesday, December 3, 2013
7 pm

Join the Greater Newburyport Edible Garden Group for an evening at Wolf Meadow Farm, a newly opened sustainable facility dedicated to crafting Italian cheeses in the old-world caseificio tradition. All of its fine cheeses are made by hand in small batches using time-honored methods passed down from generations of cheesemakers. Wolf Meadow Farm purchases its milk from Artichoke Dairy, only seven miles from the facility, allowing them to produce the freshest Mozzarella in New England. We will have the opportunity to watch and ask questions about the cheesemaking process.

Proprietor and Cheesemaker Luca Mignogna traveled the world in search of new experiences that would combine his passion for the traditions of the Old World with new technologies. Luca grew up on the wonderful farm of his grandfather Francesco, and from his earliest years, he learned that life comes from the earth. Luca remembers, “the aroma of my grandfather’s barn was rich with the smells of wild herbs, aging wine, and the making of cheese. Batches of home-made mozzarella, caciocavallo, scamorze, and ricotta were a daily part of our life and our meals.”

The Edible Garden Group was formed by community members who are interested in getting together to learn and share information about sustainable food growing – veggies, fruits, nuts. The meetings are focused on building community resilience through increasing the availability of safe, nutritious, sustainably-grown local food. For more information contact Deb Carey at boiester@gmail.com or 978-388-5629.

For more information: www.meetup.com/Northshore-Permaculture-Meetup-Group/events/151801452/

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