Action Alert: It’s Now or Never for Right to Know GMO Labeling in NH!

It’s now or never for Right to Know GMO Labeling in NH! This week the NH House Subcommittee voted “ought to pass” on HB660, and the amended bill now moves to the Environment and Agriculture Committee, with an expected vote on Thursday, November 7th. From NOFA-NH:

Action Alert! We had a victory with the House subcommittee on Tuesday, but we are far from being done.The next vote is CRUCIAL and New Hampshire needs your help! The subcommittee’s vote in favor was close (43). We anticipate that the full committee vote will be close as well. We need YOU to call at least 3 members of the full House Environment and Agriculture committee.

Call by November 6th to tell them you have a right to know what is in your food!

Pick three Committee members who live closest to you or three who haven’t yet heard from you. Please call more members if you are able!

Action now is critical for New Hampshire to win Right to know GMO Labeling!

• HB 660: For environmental, health, religious, and cultural reasons, New Hampshire citizens want to make informed choices when they shop.
• Labeling foods produced with GMOs allows us to make our own choices about how to feed ourselves and our families.
• Most crops grown in New Hampshire and sold as human food are not genetically modified making this a win-win for New Hampshire.
• It will have little to no impact on our farmers, ANDstudies have shown there will be little to no cost to consumers at the grocery stores.

Please call the members of NH’s House Environment and Agriculture Committee listed below to make your voice heard:

• Christy Bartlett (D-Merrimack Dist. 19 Concord): 224-3174,
• Rebecca Brown (D-Grafton Dist. 2 Sugar Hill):
• Janice Gardner (D-Strafford Dist. 15 Dover): 742-0205,
• David Miller (D-Strafford Dist. 23 Rochester): 332-0925,
• Warren Groen (R-Strafford Dist. 10 Rochester): 332-8988,
• Stephen Palmer (R-Hillsborough Dist. 23 Milford): 673-5272,
• Guy Comtois (R-Belknap Dist. 7 Center Barnstead): 776-8989,
• John O’Connor (R-Rockingham Dist. 6 Derry): 434-8393),
• James Parison (R-Hillsborough Dist. 25 New Ipswich): 878-5001,
• Michele Peckham (R-Rockingham Dist. 22 North Hampton): 997-112,
• Richard Gordon (R-Rockingham Dist. 35 East Kingston): 642-7252,
• Bob Haefner (R-Hillsborough Dist. 37 Hudson): 889-1553,
• Jane Johnson (R-Cheshire Dist. 12 Swanzey): 352-4057,
• Linda Lauer (D-Grafton Dist. 15 Bath): 747-4001,
• Tara Sad (D-Committee Chair-Cheshire Dist 1 Walpole): 756-4861,
• Alan Turcotte(D-Merrimack Dist. 22 Allenstown): 485-2349,
*Lisa Whittermore (D-Rockingham Dist. 5 Londonderry): 434-0382,
*Wayne Moynihan (D-Committee V-Chair, Coos Dist. 2 Dummer): 449-2058,
*Scott Burns (D-Merrimack Dist. 2 Franklin): 203-7727,
*Peter Bixby (D-Sub-Cmte. Chair, Cheshire Dist 1 Dover): 749-5659,

* These subcommittee members voted “ought to pass” on Tuesday. Thank them and be sure they come and vote “ought to pass” in the full committee this Thursday!

See for more information and to follow HB 660. Email or call Alex Simpson at or 603-303-4722 if you have any questions.

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