Food for the Furloughed at the Portsmouth Farmers’ Market, Oct 5

Earlier this week at the Exeter market, lots of farmers and food producers decided to offer free food to furloughed government employees. The success of Thursday has inspired the market vendors to continue the effort to Saturday’s market in Portsmouth:

Due to recent government furloughs and in a show of support for our community members in time of need, some of the farms in the area will be offering free food to furloughed Federal employees at the Portsmouth Farmers’ Market on Saturday, 10/5, during market hours 8am to 1pm.

Meadow’s Mirth FarmWake Robin FarmRiverside Farm Stand & GreenhouseHeron Pond Farm and many more farms and vendors will be offering free food to furloughed federal employees tomorrow morning. For participating farms, look for the sign at the market  —  many thanks to all those who join in!

Other markets, join in! We’re happy to help spread the word!

The farmers behind this initiative hope to spread this idea to farmers markets throughout New England. Feel free to contact us or leave a comment below with any questions. And here’s a downloadable version of the sign used by participating vendors at the markets.

Our thanks to Top Copy in Exeter for donating the printing of the signs.

Spread the word!


6 thoughts on “Food for the Furloughed at the Portsmouth Farmers’ Market, Oct 5

  1. This is nice, but what about everyone else that is unemployed, what about a sign that says free food for the uninsured? Let’s treat everyone equally, not just help the federal workers.

    1. My comment to Rose: No one can ever do enough can they? They don’t even have to do this. They are just trying to do something nice. Leave them be and let them do this generous thing. I have not horse in this race, just don’t like to see the negativity.

  2. Hi Rose. You are right, there are many people in need, and we are all doing our best to find solutions. Many of these farms donate produce on a weekly basis to local food pantries. Plus there is SNAP at the markets. This is just a way to reach out to members of our community in a sudden time of need. Farmers know what it is to get knocked back, and this is a way of giving back, at a time where produce is still abundant. And as to insured…most small farmers cant afford health insurance, either. When I was a farmer, my health insurance was the food I ate!

  3. I would like to thank the farmers today who gave some of the produce to my family. My husband is working but not getting paid until a bill is passed and this meant so much to us. There are many, many other people in worse situation then our family and that is why we were thankful for what the farmers did. We have always believed in paying it forward and will continue to do so.

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