Small Scale Grain: Barley Fodder & Demonstration Day, August 16

Small Scale Grain Barley Fodder & Demonstration Day
Stonewall Farm, 242 Chesterfield Rd, Keene, NH
Friday, August 16, 2013
9am – 12pm

Stonewall Farm and agriculture education non-profit, Green Start, will demonstrate the harvesting, cleaning, and drying of barley to be used for barley fodder for Stonewall Farm’s dairy cows. This will mark the first time a modern combine harvester has operated in southwestern New Hampshire!

Green Start will bring their brand new Boaz 2.3 combine harvester and mini-combine for a demonstration of new combine technology for small-scale farms. Alongside a cleaning and drying seed section, there will be a tour of the Farm-Tek barley fodder hydroponic system at Stonewall Farm’s Horse Barn. The end result from harvesting, cleaning, and drying such seed will be to localize the production of a significant portion of feed for Stonewall’s dairy herd, reducing feed and transportation costs over the long-term.

Contact: Matthew Young, Stonewall Farm,, 603-357-7278


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