Farm & Homestead Day at MOFGA, June 15

Farm & Homestead Day at MOFGA — A Hands-on Skill Sharing Event
MOFGA’s Common Ground Education Center, Unity, ME
Saturday, June 15, 2013
9 am – 3 pm, Gates open at 8:30 am
Event is FREE

Thinking of raising a goat? Of helping your children start a garden? Want to build a simple fence? Come and learn all you need to know and more about living in rural Maine. Learn how to build a goat milking stand from poles and scavenged wood, mow with a scythe and learn how to maintain your blade, build a bluebird nesting box, try your hand at building and operating a chicken tractor or go for a walk to learn about edible and medicinal plants. All that and MORE!

Learn how to
• weave, spin and nalbind (sometimes called “single needle knitting”)
• make sheets of felt for a yurt
• operate a treadle sewing machine to make tomato bags from old tarps or to sew burlap bags
• evaluate livestock that you might want to raise
• milk a goat and take goats on a browse walk
• harness and drive a draft horse
• grow native herbs in Maine, make tinctures and use herbal first aid
• prune and mulch orchard trees
• grow container gardens
• make paper pots
• build raised beds for gardeners in wheelchairs
• work smart, compensate for decreasing flexibility, use tools appropriately and care for your body
• manage your woodlot, including identifying trees, using different woodlot species, using hand tools and human-powered equipment in small-scale forestry, felling trees safely, and identifying and managing invasive plants
• heat air and cook with low-tech and alternative techniques, build a solar hot water collector and make a rocket stove for cooking with wood
• build simple fences, such as jack and rider and a stump fence

Children of all ages are invited to learn how to
• build bluebird nesting boxes
• make paper
• create a “kids can grow” garden
• make paper pots, sow seeds and transplant seedlings
• select and care for chickens, at a junior poultry show run by kids

Participants are welcome to bring any extra transplants and seeds or a Plant and Seed Exchange.

These workshops take place from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Schedule forthcoming.

Those who would like to help continue the long tradition of mowing MOFGA’s berm and amphitheater with scythes are welcome to join the Sunrise Mowers at 7 a.m. Scythe Supply will bring tools of the trade, help mowers in fitting a scythe and mowing, and teach blade maintenance. Learn to make hay using hand tools and to make several types of hayricks for storing the dry hay.

A noon panel will discuss linking landless farmers and homesteading elders.

Another discussion group will look at how a Maine farm family is creating community and cutting through such myths as “the next generation must go away from the farm.”

Dress appropriately for this rain or shine event, and bring a picnic lunch to enjoy on MOFGA’s beautiful grounds.Volunteers are welcomed. To help during, before or after the event, please contact the Farm & Homestead Day Rabble Rousing Committee at, or Joe Dupere at MOFGA, or 207-568-4142.

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