Fermenting Food for Better Nutrition Workshop, June 2

Fermenting Food for Better Nutrition Workshop
Slow Food Seacoast
Heron Pond Farm at Eastman’s Corner, Routes 150/ 107, Kensington, NH
Sunday, June 2, 2013
2 – 5 pm

Traditional cultures through the world eat fermented and cultured foods a regular part of their daily diet. Learn how you can easily make these foods at home using a lacto-fermentation method. Lacto-fermentation uses the beneficial organisms found in the whey of yogurt as a “starter” for fermenting all types of fruits and vegetables. We’ll talk about why these foods are so important to a healthy digestive system. We’ll discuss other ways that you can make small changes to the way you prepare your food to make it more digestible and therefore save your body’s energy for other health building activities.

$35 per person, $30 for Slow Food USA members, limited to 12. Ticket cost includes veggies, materials and jars. A complete agenda will be emailed to you once you register.

About the presenters:

Cate Aichele discovered fermented foods as a mother trying to create a more healthy diet for her family. She is a dedicated locavore, foodie and herbalist with a strong commitment to sharing her knowledge of health and nutrition. She has taken and taught numerous workshops on the basics of lacto-fermentation.

Alison Magill is the co-leader of Slow Food Seacoast and learned how to ferment foods from a workshop led by Cate five years ago. Since then she has continued to explore the possibilities for better health that can be realized through eating the “original condiments”: fermented and cultured foods.

 For tickets and more information: http://slowfoodseacoast.givezooks.com/events/fermentation-workshop-june-2-2013

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