“You Are What You Eat”: Vegetables, Fruits Honey, and Edible Flowers, February 25

“You Are What You Eat”: Vegetables, Fruits, Honey, and Edible Flowers
Lee Grange, 1 Lee Hook Rd, Lee, NH
Monday, February 25, 2013

Explore the nutritional benefits provided for New England living from local honey, vegetable and fruits. Why do we have berries in the spring, fleshy fruit in the summer and firm fruit in the fall? Why do we have asparagus and dandelions in the spring? What are the benefits of edible flowers besides their beauty? Why do we have leafy greens only in the summer? Why can Kale be so hardy and what are the benefits? Join a panel of experts at the Lee Grange to learn the answers to these questions and more.

Please call the Lee Library at 603-659-2626 to register.

Other Presentations in the “You Are What You Eat” Series:
• March 25: Local Meat, Chicken, and Fish
• April 22: Dairy and Eggs
• May 20: Grains and Smart Shopping

Sponsored by the Lee Agricultural Commission and Lee Library.

For more information: www.leenh.org

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