The Craft of a Butcher

Imagine being able to go to your neighborhood butcher, where everything is sourced locally and nothing goes to waste. From Thrash Lab:


“Taking the art-form of butchery and the craft of butchery and exposing people to that is really important, because people don’t make the connection that the packaged meat they get at the supermarket actually comes from an animal!” – Monica Rocchino of The Local Butchershop

Being a butcher requires a strong stomach for animal, a great deal of heavy lifting (carcasses can be huge), and special knife skills for steady chopping and sawing. Being a butcher may not seem like a dream job to you, but in this episode of Subculture Club, we visit three independent butcher shops in the San Francisco Bay Area and reveal how the job has become a whole lot hipper and more desirable than it used to be. This generation of foodies and meat lovers want to know where their meat comes from and as a bonus have a relationship with their butchers (just like the old days). Watch and see how your boutique butcher shop is helping make the connection between the farm, the meat and what you eat!

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