Snowy Days Are For Ordering Spring Seeds

If you haven’t already, now is the time to order seeds for the garden. In the past decade, more and more people are ordering seeds for their farms and home gardens, so therefore it’s become important to order seeds in the snowy months to ensure receiving the varieties that you want most. Fortunately, for us in the New England area, there are some outstanding seed companies available to order very high quality and diverse seeds. By selecting from the companies listed below, you are choosing to not support the giant seed company of Monsanto, but local companies that highly value seed diversity, non-GMO’s, and healthy local economies.  As the Fedco seed company of Maine states:

Monsanto is the leading proponent and practictioner of genetic engineering. Monsanto seeds and biotech traits accounted for 88% of the total acreage of genetically modified seeds planted worldwide in 2004, an area that has multiplied more than forty-fold since 1996 to encompass 167 million acres.

So when you sit down in front of your woodstove and in your comfy chair to draw out your garden map and select your favorite vegetables, herbs and flowers for the season, you can feel good about the plants that will be growing for many more reasons than the best tasting super fresh products on your table.  These companies listed also only sell seeds that grow well in our short season harsh New England climate, helping to ensure a beautiful bounty.

FEDCO:  They have been around since 1978, and are a cooperative business with a very large selection of seeds.  Their catalog is filled with interesting facts and stories, that makes it fun to read every winter when it comes in the mail.

High Mowing Organic Seeds: Started in 1996, in Wolcott, VT, this company has grown exponentially since opening, because of the continued supply of high quality seed product and community oriented philosophy.  They are excellent at trialling the varieties to give the customer the best ones to grow in our climate.

Turtle Tree Seed:  This is a small non-profit seed company in Copake, NY that supplies all bio-dynamic,organic  and non-GMO seeds.  They also are a part of Camphill Village, which includes people with disabilities help with growing, cleaning and packing the seeds.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds:  Since 1973, Johnny’s has been supplying seeds, tools and information to us from Winslow, ME.  They have a large selection of seeds to choose from and are well known for their innovative development of new tools and helpful advice, spreadsheets, and service to assist the farmer or backyard gardener succeed with their growing goals.


If you are really interested in Heirloom seeds, the best heirloom seed company with the most diversity is in Decorah, Iowa.  Seed Savers Exchange can help you get started with keeping your own very distinct vegetables that you may want to continue passing down to your own grandchildren.

Seed Savers Exchange:  Open since, 1975, members have been collecting and distributing thousands of rare samples of garden plant varieties.  There catalog is a feast for the eyes, and a trip back in history with stories of seed travels.

Happy Ordering!

2 thoughts on “Snowy Days Are For Ordering Spring Seeds

  1. We got our seed order in by the end of December, and it still wasn’t early enough to get everything we wanted — the demand has been amazing!

  2. I just love the time of the season that lets me just sit in a comfy recliner all bundled up by the fire and browsing through seeds to order! I have heard of all of the seed companies that you listed here but I’d have to say that Sustainable Seed Company is still my favorite. Their selection and prices can’t be beat. I’ll post a link to their tomato page(I can never decide which to order…I want them all!! Thanks for sharing!

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