Hearing on Granite State Farm-to-Plate Program, February 6

We’ve received news about a bill to establish a Granite State Farm to Plate Program. From John Carroll:

SB 141, a bill we have been working on to establish Granite State Farm to Plate, has just been introduced by Sen. Martha Fuller Clark. The Hearing is next Wednesday, February 6 at 10:15 at the State House [Room 100]. Please spread the word throughout the region. Thank you!”

From the proposed bill:

I. The Granite State farm to plate program is hereby established. The Granite State farm to plate program shall:

(a) Increase economic development in New Hampshire’s food and farm sector;

(b) Promote jobs in the food and farm economy;

(c) Improve access to healthy local foods;

(d) Encourage both private and public investment in New Hampshire agricultural and food production.

(e) Equalize economic development opportunity between New Hampshire’s cities and towns by removing restrictive obstacles and excessive financial burdens to farmers’ market sales in towns and cities.

From local blog T20R11:

…Support Senate Bill 141-FN. It is good for the local economy. It provides a much need food security buffer against an uncertain food distribution chain and rapidly diminishing regional food inventories. It improves local productivity by putting more of our lands into active agricultural production. Agriculture development is an investment in our collect futures.

For more information: http://legiscan.com/NH/bill/SB141

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