Basic Goat Production 5-Day Workshop

Five Day Basic Goat Production Workshop
UNH Cooperative Extension Office, 315 Daniel Webster Hwy, Boscawen, NH
February 21, 28, March 14, 21, 28, 2013
6 – 8 pm

This 5-day workshop is presented by Dot Perkins, Livestock Field Specialist, and will include many facts and practical tips pertaining to raising these wonderful animals. Each workshop wll start promptly at 6 PM with time for questions after the presentation.

• Class I (Feb 21) will cover basic information about raising goats for meat or milk in New Hampshire; behavior, ease of handling, selection, age determination, body condition scoring, building or adapting facilities with you and the goat in mind.
• Class II (Feb 28) covers Nutrition 101: Feeding the doe, doeling, buck, buckling, or market kid, and adding pasture to the mix.
• Class III (March 14) discusses Health: What’s normal? Common health problems and foot care.
• Class IV (March 21) covers information pertaining to reproduction: flushing nannies, breeding and kidding management, the birth process, possible problems, post-partum care.
• Class V (March 28) will cover milk production, milking techniques, handling milk from the barn to the kitchen with food safety in mind.

The cost for this 5-day workshop is $75.00 per person or $100.00 per couple from the same farm. It is important to come to all of the classes as they build upon each other. 4-Hers are FREE but must be accompanied by a registered adult. Early registration is encouraged as space is limited.

To register go to: Questions? call UNH Cooperative Extension at 796-2151 or email:

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