NOFA-NH’s Journeyperson Program Accepting Applications

NOFA-NH is Now Accepting Applications for the 2013 Journeyperson Program!

The 2012 Journeyperson program was NOFA-NH’s first, and we connected two first year production farmers to experienced mentors. The goal of the Journeyperson program is to help first year production farmers find success by providing them with the kind of support and community connection that only comes with experience.

This is an intensive mentorship model, and Journeyperson mentors are paid an annual stipend for their time and one-year commitment. Journeypersons are offered education and business planning stipends, and are enrolled in the program for two years.

Journeyperson mentors are an invaluable part of the program, and for their dedicated service, mentors are offered a quarterly stipend for the duration of their tenure. Mentors and Journeypersons are matched by NOFA-NH Journeyperson committee, and work with NOFA-NH Beginner Farmer Program Coordinator to create a relationship that works best for them.

We are now accepting  applications for the 2013 Journeyperson program, for both mentors and Journeypersons. For more information on the Journeyperson program email Ray Conner, Beginner Farmer Program Coordinator,

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