Food Preservation Project: Chili Garlic Ginger Paste

Chili Garlic Ginger PasteIt’s a good thing Wild Miller Gardens and Red Manse Farm plan to bring ginger to the Winter Farmers’ Markets, because I’m not sure Abby from Wake Robin Farm would have let me be as greedy as to buy all the ginger I might want for a year at the annual one day of fresh ginger she brings to the Portsmouth Farmers’ Market.

Still, I bought a lot on that magical Saturday, and have been doling it out to myself since. Some went into canned ginger pears. A lot got eaten fresh, nibbled straight, steeped in tea and even chicken broth as perfect timing for the annual fall head cold. A few quick stir frys, more nibbling, and this mini project for for the mini amount of room I had left in my freezer.

My food processor and I put away 30 of these little 1 oz parcels of ginger chilis garlic paste, making my own convenience food from what is only temporarily in season. My blend was very roughly a 3:2:1 ratio of ginger:chili:garlic, but any way you want it will work, depending on how much heat you like.

The ginger chili garlic combination will fit nicely into most any Asian-ish food I might make through the winter. I’m already dreaming of thawing one in pan and then sauteing a bunch of chopped kale. Some tofu stir fries. Some shrimp once they come into season after the new year. More kale. I love kale. We should all eat more kale.

These little containers were a new to me, gifted as containers to freeze herbs in (we also have some pesto and cilantro put away). Turns out the homemade baby food people have some good mini preservation stuff. 1 oz is a great size, equaling about 2 tablespoons. The lids are attached, a feature I also love. While BPA free, they are plastic, which is definitely a consideration.

I had a bit of paste left at the end after I’d filled my containers which I mixed with a little vinegar, honey, and salt and put in the fridge. If it weren’t so delicious, it would last this way seemingly forever. As it is that delicious, I’m thinking this broccoli is going to be tossed with the paste and roasted and devoured and it’ll be gone all too soon. Good thing the freezer is full.

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