Gleaning with NH Farm to School

In collaboration with NOFA-NH, NH Farm to School is organizing several gleaning programs around New Hampshire:


Gleaning: “to recover or gather produce from a farmer’s field that has been left behind from commercial harvesting methods or not picked because it is not perfect.”

The food is completely edible and usually left to rot or be put in the compost pile or used to feed the pigs. A better use would be to pick it and deliver it to those in need. The NH Farm to School program in collaboration with NOFA NH is working to organize several gleaning programs around New Hampshire, but we need your help. We need willing farmers to allow volunteers to post-harvest their fields. We need volunteers to help harvest, pack and transport the food. We need community groups, food pantries and schools who want the food and can take it on short notice. If you are interested in being a part of this effort as a farmer, volunteer, school or organization that would like the food please contact:

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